Circular Marimba

Multi-Chambered Woodblock
    The circular marimba is
a circular percussion instrument that has pie shaped wedges of varying sizes
. The pie shaped wedges are areas sectioned off by using brigdes so
when you hit the drum along the circumference o
the outsid
of each wedge
you should notice that that pitches are different because the openings to each wedge is different. Also, when you hit an individual wedge from outside to inside or vice versa you should also hear different pitches. Please reference the Multi-chambered wood-block video. This particula
or circular marimba
has a 22
diameter and is made from Sapele Mahogany plywood and will mount on most cymbal stands.      (845) 688 5299

22"- six slice soprano marimba-$375
22"-six slice saprano marimba-$375
Each Marimba comes with a resonator spring
22" six slice alto marimba-$400
22" five slice tenor marimba- $425
22" five slice bass marimba- $450.00
22" five slice contra bass marimba $475
Ariel view of the whole family of circular marimba
        contra bass, bass, tenor, alto & soprano
Jingle snare- pictured with the alto marimba
Two felt mallets,two felt mallets with lamb's wool.
Case for the marimba legs
Nicely padded marimba case with shoulder strap
Bamboo brushes
$ 21.95
Each Marimba is hand made and one of a kind. 
The package includes; the marimba, three legs (except for the soprano marimba which can go on a cymbal stand if you want), the resonator spring, four mallets,marimba case and a case for the legs.
Rubber tips for sticks.
     $ 6.00  per pair 
Super ball mallets-$15.95 per pair.
The Six Slice Alto
The Six Slice Soprano
Please go to the bottom of the page to see and hear aii of the marimba on this page, Thanks ken
Five Slice Contra Bass