Drum Shells

The new American Percussion wood snare drum shells are produced from a special kind of plywood .  Pictured are two Colorwood shells 14
x 5.50
, This type of wood construction is unique because you can literally have any amount of colored plys in any order of color.  For instance:  3 plys of red, 4 plys of natural, 2 plys of green, 2 plys of dark brown and 2 plys of yellow.  As long as we don't exceed 12 or 13 plys.  Pretty cool!  It brings a whole new meaning to the word custom colors.  Other types of woods available are sapelle,  jequitiba and okoume, which are various shades of brown.  The shells are priced according to each custom order.

With these drums, Ken has developed some new and exciting techniques in the art of drum making.

Sound rings that protrude from the drum are the first noticeable feature.  Extending out from the side of the drum like ledges, they accept the lug screws that hold the drum head in place.  Vibrations from the head and rim are transferred back into the drum via the lug screws into the sound ring, which creates a more resonant drum shell.  The rings eliminate the need for conventional metal lugs - with their noisy internal springs.  They also reduce stress on the rest of the drum.  These features  result in a much cleaner and purer sound than is possible in a conventional drum.

Another innovation is found in the bearing edge of the drum - where the head passes over the rim of the shell.  Ken has found that with a variety of bearing edge shapes, different sound characteristics can be achieved.

Multi-annular ring construction is another patented feature, giving the drum its unique appearance and strength.  The shell is built up by laminating rings of solid wood on top of one another, rather than the tradition method with multiple wraps of thin, bent plywood.  In short, its the strongest wood drum shell made - extremely durable and virtually impervious to stress.  It will never lose its cylindrical shape, whether a head is mounted or not.

The drums come in a large variety of sizes and depths - from a
drum only 2 inches deep, to a large drum measuring 48 inches or more.  Many different finishes are available, such as opaque shellacs, wood varnishes, and a special solid paint that will buff out scratches.  Because of the many variations, its difficult to list models and pricing.  Please call for details and availability.
kenito49@gmail.com        (845) 688 5299
Each drum shell is hand made using American Percussion's Patented shell construction. See the patent diagram below
8"x 8", 10"x 8", 12"x 8" 14"x 8" okoume mahogany and colour wood shells
5.5" x 14" birch & colour wood shells
This shell is okoume mahogany and colour wood but is very unique in that the center rings are only 3/16ths thick and only the last top and bottom rings have the actual 13" diameter so the head can fit on the drum. Back in the day if you had a single ply shell you would put a counter hoop on the inside top and bottom of the drum to stabilize the shell. In this case the thicker rings are glued on top of the 3/16th rings for stability.
Different size shells using okoume mahogany and colour wood
This drum has a very unique shell as well. Everyone thinks that Peavey invented this but they DID NOT. If you look at my patent on the topright you see a circle or ring, then below it you see a wider ring. When the drum is glued up I would add a couple of the extended rings so that you could attach the lug screw. This tolally eliminated the need for lugs. I called the extended rings sound rings because it allowed the vibrations emitted by the drum head to translocate down into the sound ring, which at this point is the shell as well, giving greater resonance. This was only one of the claims in this patent." A note about patents to the inventors out there". Your patent is only as good as your ability to defend it, which in this country means; MONEY. I'm just saying
Painted Snare with Sound Rings
5.5" x 14" Okoume Mahogany American Percussion drum shell