Large Drumeray

Made from 6
to 20
gourds, the Drumeray is a unique percussion instrument - actually a combination of a hand drum and shakere.  There are two chambers inside the gourd.   The upper chamber holds seeds, sand, beads or shot, while the lower chamber has a drum head affixed to the outside.  The percussionist can play on the drum head with their hand or with the mallet (provided) while shaking the drum at the same time.   This takes some practice but once the technique has been acquired a whole multitude of sonic rhythms are possible.

Another unique feature - available on the larger Drumerays only - is a removable plug at the top of the gourd.  This allows the player to change the filling material, and completely alter the sound of the shaker.

The Drumerays are hand painted and some are hand carved as well.  Prices vary according to the size of the gourd.  Call for availability and price.        (845) 688 5299

Small Drumeray
Each drumeray is custom made. Call for availability and price.
Bottom view with calf skin head
Side view showing sound portal
$ 65
15" Diameter Drumeray
Interchangeable contents
Goat skin on the bottom

12" diameter hand painted Drumeray
Small 8" Drumeray