Ceramic Egg Shaker

The ceramic Egg Shaker is about 3
long by 2
wide. There's a small drum head glued to the surface of the egg covering the opening.  This allows the seeds inside to hit the drum head as well as the egg shell itself. 

Made of clay, the shaker is available with a glazed finish (in a multitude of colors) as well as hand-painted.  The package includes; a shaker, draw string case, a
nd  stand.

kenito49@gmail.com       (845) 688 5299

Each shaker is hand made and painted and are one of a kind
The package includes; the shaker, draw string case, a stand and mini dvd to show you the many ways to get different sounds from the shaker for only
Pure White
This is not Blue
Medium Blue
Deep Burgandy
Satin Pink
  Green Earth

Deep Blue
Stone Henge
Another Blue
3"-Paper Mache Egg Shakers
4"- Paper Mache Egg Shakers
Hand painted wood egg stands
The egg pictured inside the windowed box, case and stand with the mini dvd on top of the box. The case and /or stand may vary from the photo).
The paper mache eggs are great because the mache has a better grip and the shakers are more durable than the ceramic ones.  The contents inside the eggs are somewhat different from each other so they do not all sound exactly the same.
American Percussion offers quantity discounts on the paper mache eggs which are great to use in schools. Please call or email for the quanity discounts
$5.75 ea
$6.00 ea.
$3.75 ea.
One dozen assorted small eggs-$39.00
One Half Dozen assorted small eggs-$16.50.00
Magnus Eggus egg shakers are a wopping 8" high are pearl glazed and hand painted. The package includes: the egg, custom stand and bag for
$ 79.95 ea.
Dark Green Pearl
Turquoise Pearl
Robin's Egg Blue