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Ken shows bassist Tony Levin some
Lapdrum playing techniques.
Jimmy Cobb tries the prototype of
the Tambourine Drum Kit
Steve Gadd on Orthagonal Lap Drum
Ken Lovelett demonstrates the new Hatbox Kit to Rick Petrone and Joe Corsello
Ken introduces Drumkat's
Mario Deciutiis to the Lapdrum

Beth Gottlieb, lost in the Bellatope
Beth Gottlieb at the Naggara Drums

Joe Corsello on the Tambakit
Ken and Israeli singer, Gani Tamir
Danny Gottlieb, recording a basic on the prototype Tambourine Drum Kit

... and overdubbing on a Thumb Drum
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Tambourine Drum Kit
Lapdrum trio: Ken, Beth Gottlieb and
Mario DeCiutiis
Mark Egan ponders the Bellatope
Joe Corsello on Hat Box Kit

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