Hat-Box Drum

Hat-box Percussion are wood shell drums - 3/8
or 3/16
thick - with wooden drum heads as well.  They look like the wooden hat boxes made to put hats in back in the 20's and 30's -  thus, the name
.  They are similar to the popular cajons but are cylindrical instead of box shaped.  This is done so the performer can play the drum between their legs or put the drum on some sort of stand for ease of playing.  The Hatbox shells come in three types of wood;  Okoume (African mahogany), Russian Birch, and Colorwood (like American Percussion snare drums.  The drum pictured here are Okoume shells with Sapelle drum heads, but can be made with maple, oak, walnut and zebra woods, just to name a few.  Hatbox Percussion makes individual hand drums, drum sets and travoletts, a 1
thick drum played with a mallet on one side of the drum and the middle finger on the other side which can change pitch as well.  There is also a Guiro etched onto the edge of the drum.  This particular drum is part of the Hatbox M.U.D. series.  (
Multiple Use Drum

15"x 3"Birch hand/ bass Drum
10"x 8" Maple Shell & oak heads with a felt mallet. $150.oo                                                          
12" x 8" Maple Drum with internal snare.

3"x14"Mahogony & color wood Snare with tuner tone control
                                         $ 235
16"x 8" Maple drum with tuner tone control
20"x 8" Mahogany Drum with tuner tone control
Assorted sizes in Mahogany- call for prices
6" & 8" cajon bongos with padded case with shoulder strap.                                          $175.00

This is what you can do with the Hat-Box drums
Each drum is hand made and one of a kind.
The Package includes: the drum, a custom denim case with shoulder strap and one felt mallet
8"x8" Hat-Box drum with a calf skin bottom

The bag & felt mallet are included with the 12"x 8" Drum for $179.95
12" x 8" Maple shell & oak heads, hand painted-includes case & felt mallet. $189.00
12" x 8" mahogany stained maple shell & oak Heads.Includes case & a felt mallet. $189.00
16: x 8" maple shell and birds eye maple heads.With tuner tone control. $210
10"x 8" maple stained mahogany shell & oak heads.Includes a felt mallet. $160
This is a video I made, at my office desk, testing out some playing techniques with a felt mallet & Guiro
Brian Bales made a cool video of my travolette and Hat box drums, although there is a lot more that I do, in their construction, at least you can get some idea of a similar process in the making of the two unique percussion instruments. 
kenito49@gmail.com - 845-688-5299

12" x 8" Mahogany heads & Maple shell. Includes case & felt mallet. $199.00
Joe Bonadio giging with his new American Percussion Hat-Box hand drum
12"x 8", Maple Shell with Cherry Heads. Includes: Case and Felt Mallet. $199.00
10"x 8" Maple Shell & Cherry Heads with case and felt mallet. $160.00
11"x 8"- Maple Shell & Cherry Heads. $179.00