The K


The klacker is a tambourine like percussion instrument comes in two sizes, 6
and 8
. There are  three  wood discs that  are graduated in size with the largest disc having a corrugated edge for a ratchet sound. There is also a guiro, different kinds of drum heads (or without a drum head), and tambourine jingles and or bells.Usually the shells are maple or mahogany wood.The package includes; the klacker, a drawstring case, a
nd a
.       (845) 688 5299
Each klacker is handmade and one of a kind.
Even though some of the ones below have sold I can still make similar ones.
The package includes: the klacker, case and scraper. I can customize what you want also.
6" Klacker with fish skin head, ratchet wheel, jingles and  guiro. $169
6" Klacker with slunk extended head with bells, jingles rachet wheel and guiro. $169
8" Klacker with fish skin extended head, ratchet wheel and jingles. $189 ( SOLD)
6' Klackers with linen heads, ratchet wheel, guiro and jingles. $149  -  SOLD !
8" & 6" Klackers with extended fish skin heads, ratchet wheel, jingles and guiro.$ 179 & $159 - SOLD !
6" Klacker with bells, no head. $140.00
6" Klacker with ratchet wheel, calf skin head, bells. $149-
                 SOLD !!!!
6" Klacker with calf head, bells,
                       Sold !
8" & 6" Klacker Bongos/timbale calf heads and bells $ 249- SOLD !
Can be played with hands or sticks
6" Klacker with jingles, extended head, ratchet wheel and guiro. $159
draw string bag & guiro scraper included.
8" & 6"Klacker with maple shell, ratchet and bells. $279- SOLD !
SOLD !!!!!
SOLD !!!!

Please refer to the instrument care page on maintaining and tuning a skin head
Klacker Bongos or 845-688-5299