Multiple Use drum/s

M.U.Ds or multiple use drums is a drum that is a combination of a cajon and conventional drum. In this case, a bass drum. The idea here is that the regular head is a resonator for the wood head and vice versa. On the side of the drum is a handle that pulls out so that you can place the drum vertically or horizontally. This allows you to play the drum in many different configurations. This drum is custom made, painted and one of a kind.
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Sal Restivo on his new set of M.U.Ds
Skin side up and regular Bass Drum
Skin side up & horizontal Bass Drum
Woodside up & regular Bass Drum
Wood side up & horizontal Bass Drum
8" x 8" wood side up with guiro-
Calf skin side up
28"x 8" Thunder Drum- head side up
Wood side up
In The Verticle you can play both sides simultaneously
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  This is an Applewood American Percussion patented shell construction M.U.Ds Cajon Snare Drum with an oak veneer wood head

NEW !!!!! Cajon Snare Drum.  SOLD !!!!!!
4.5" x 12" MUD Snare Drum
Check back to see the new models of the M.U.Ds  Cajon Snare Drum