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Sal Restivo on his new set of M.U.Ds
Skin side up and regular Bass Drum
Skin side up & horizontal Bass Drum
Woodside up & regular Bass Drum
Wood side up & horizontal Bass Drum
8" x 8" wood side up with guiro-
Calf skin side up
28"x 8" Thunder Drum- head side up
Wood side up
In the verticle position you can play both sides simultaneously
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Check back to see the new models of the M.U.Ds  Cajon Snare Drum
12" x 6" Cajon Snare drum with Maple Shell and Cherry wood head. $ 275.95
M.U.Ds - Multiple Use Drum/s
M.U.Ds are drums with a wood head on one side and a conventional head on the other side. The conventional drum head acts as a resonator for the wood head giving the sound more depth and body.
SOLD !!!!!
NEW !!!!!  13" x 8" Cajon Snare Drum with a maple Shell and Cherry Wood Batter Head