Please go to the instrument care page to see how to maintain your drum with a skin head
"New" from American Percussion  one of a kind Creations
4" Shaker Orb with Stand & Drawstring Case. $49.00. one of a kind
Tiki Shaker- 14"x4"x1.5". Comes with drawstring case. $64.95
6" Okoume and Sapele Mahogany,Squeeze Drums-with stryofoam mallet,bamboo brush, finger pick & drawstring case.                                                          $125.00
Disc Shakers
12" tunable steel drum with custom leather case and felt mallets
3" Shaker Orb with wood stand . hand carved & painted.
$45.00 - 845-699-5299
6" Shakere $94.95
Finger Sticks
16" Slit Marimba
Slit Marimba Snare
Call for pricing
NEW !!!!!!!!!!!!
The Pocket Drum
Call for pricing
Real Navajo Rawhide Rattles. $36.00 ea