One of a Kind Instruments

The unique thing about this percussion instrument is that the beads are inside the drum unlike a shakere where they are on the outside. There is a drum head on the bottom and a removable top so you can change the contents inside the drum as well.-

Musical Instrument Walking Canes

Devil Stick -

Frame Drum
Bass Udu drum with double sided skin heads

Hi-Hat Shaker
Single Bongek
Digi Drum
Single Bongel-Digi-Drum

4" Shaker-Orb & Stand 
3.5" White Pearl Shaker Orb & Stand
Snake Drum
Hi-Hat Wood Block
Sun Drum  - Calf skin front side with mouth pump
Even though a lot of the instruments on this page are marked as sold, does not mean that I cannot build another similar one.
The meaning for the letters next to an instrument
( S ) Sold, ( P ) prototype- will be sold soon, ( NFS )- not for sale, (O)- one of a kind- will never be available,( SS ) - some sold -usually applies to a group photo. C- click on

$ 140

$ 195
$ 190


Custom American Percussion Drum Shells
E Drums are small ( about 8"-10" ) hand thrown and painted drums

INTRODUCING-!!!!!!!! A New Creation-!!!!!!!-----Kendu " Series Drums
The "Kendu" drum is a derivative of the popular UDU drum using the main components;  a clay vessel and sound portals. The kendu drum has a Nile sturgeon fish skin attached to one side of the drum and a mahogany wood shell with a fish skin head on the other. There is a 3" diameter hole in the bottom of the wood shell that accesses the ceramic shell through another 3" hole in the clay body as well. By doing this the kendu sound has a lower pitch because I've actually increased the size of the chamber. The drum heads act as resonators for the kendu.This makes it possible to get a multitude of other effects; sliding your hand over either sound portal while hitting either head will give a glissando and /or pitch change. Also, the fish skin attached to the wood shell has been extended beyond the shell in an arch pattern. You can flick your fingers over this to get a ratchet type sound, also, you could have bells attached to the extended head that would resonate when the kendu,or the drum heads are hit. There is a small hole in the bridge between the two drums where a lavalier microphone is inserted to amplify the sound as well as to add digital sound effects such as, digital delay and"Kendu", custom padded case with shoulder strap and 2 thumb rings thumb rings. $435.00.

C-- click on
NEW !!
$ 125.00
The kendu with thumb rings and padded ring stands
Okoume Mahogany 10" snare drum
$ 225
M.U. D.s
Klacker Bongos
Drumbourine Snare with Wood & Metal Jingles
Spout Drums
Kendu Drums
"Tubbo" is similar to my dumbeks but a bit wider
This is a ceramic drum that measures about 12" high, has about a 10" girth and an 8" Nile sturgeon skin head.
10" ceramic Earth UDU
A hand painted and hand carved porcelean drum that measures about 16" high and has a 6" calf skin head.

Call or email for pricing & availability

single bongek-palm drum
20" Frame Drum-Baltic Birch

Diamond & colorwood clave with wood and or metal jingles
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Sun Drun - wood back side
Padded case with handle and shoulder straps

Kendu-Bass- $395 with custom H&B foam lined case
Kendu - Snare- $ 435 with custon H&B foam lined case
NEW !!!!!
NEW !!

Heavy Duty Idiopan Case

Beautiful -Heavy Duty- case with double straps,front pocket & cushion


Idiopan - 12"- Steel Tongue Drum
Nile Sturgeon fish skin head
Mahogany drum shell with goat skin head
The normal playing position

Bass Udu
Horn Drum
Kendu-Tambellene-$395 with custom H&B foam lined case
Cerramic Drum $ 125.00

Kendu-Tanbellene-$395 with custom H&B foam lined case.
and other unique frame drums as well
$13.95     845-688-5299
SOLD !!!!!