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The American Percussion Installment Plan
So, you would like to purchase a percussion instrument but your credit card is maxed, you don't feel comfortable spending all this money at once or you may have some other pressing financial obligations at the time, ( also knowing that the drum you like is "one of a kind" and you really have to have it ) then the solution is to use our NO INTEREST payment plan which works like this; through our discussions via email or phone we will come to an amount that YOU are comfortable paying each month. This is when the payment and financing period is determined. The first payment, which is slightly higher than your monthly payment, is your NON- REFONDABLE DEPOSIT. This deposite will set aside the drum that you are in love with and is taken off the shelf and put on reserve. When the predetermined shipping and handling and the drum are paid for, within the financing period, it will be shipped to you immediately. It is very important that the payments are made in a timely fashion but as long as the drum is paid for within the financing period everything is fine.You can always pay the drum off before the end of the financing period if you wish. It is important that you pay the monthly premium according to the payment schedule that "YOU" chose. SORRY !! there are no refunds for this plan, however, if you do change your mind, and there were no financial entanglements during the financing period, all of the funds paid on the account EXCEPT the Deposit amount can go toward the purchase of a different percussion instrument in stock in the American Percussion Catalog. If you go beyond the financing period then there will be a finance charge of 10% per month on the balance owed. Any person deliquent with their payments will loose ALL monies paid- and the drum.
   If you are not part of the installment plan you can only return items in exchange for another instrument of equal value or a credit towards another purchase.
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