The Perpetual Rain Wheel

Perpetual Rainwheel
is a rain stick in the form of a wheel so that the performer can turn the handle starting off very slow, for a gentle rain sound, or  turn the handle faster to get a more storm like effect. The main  factor with the perpetual rain wheel is just that, you can keep the sound of the rain going for as long as you wish. The rain wheel is constructed of lightweight veneered plywood with the shell being about an inch thick with wood dowels of different thickness randomly placed inside the circular chamber. The reason for the different dowels is to develop an inconsistent sound like real rain.The dowels are then struck by the beads inside the chamber as the wheel is turned creating the rain sound. The wheel IS the resonating chamber for the rain sound. Most all of the time the rainwheel is situated on some sort of stand for ease of playing. I also like to paint or decorate each rainwheel using the aboriginal dotted techniquein an abstract form.    (845) 688 5299
These  8" rain wheels that can be taken off of their base, hand held and played.
                                                    $179.00 each
20" Rain Wheel- Sapele Mahogany lite. SOLD !!!
16" Rain Wheel- White Oak. SOLD !!!
24" Rain Wheel Oak Pine Stained Golden oak. $1200
13" Perpetual Rain Wheel.
             $ 349.00
13" wheel with weather wand. Hold end of wand against the outer edge ridges while spinning the wheel and get a ratchet sound as well as the rain sound. It intensifies the sound more.
The rain wheel dislodges from the base to be hand held and played.