Rhythm Chamber

The Rhythm chamber or Lapjon is similar to the cajon in that it is an all wood drum. The main difference is that you hold the drum between your knees on the small side or with the wide side and lay the other half of the drum on your chest creating a space or cavity between you body and the drum. You can also lay the drum across  your lap and play it horizontally. This drum can be made  in many different types of woods like sapele, mahogany light and dark, white oak, spruce and  maple to name a few. They can also be made shallower or deeper, longer and shorter. THIS drum measures about 17
long by  10
at one end and  6
at the other each drum comes with a set of tambourine jingles that can be put at either end. The
is the same size drum with tambourine jingles, an internal spring, a ratchet wheel, an external and removable snare, two tacked guiros.You don't have to put all the accessories on the drum but it is possible. Each drum comes with a padded case with a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

kenito49@gmail.com        (845) 688 5299
Each drum is hand made. You can request the different options like; interior spring, has to be put in before the drum is assembeled, the ratchet wheel, external snare or the grommet hole for lavalier microphone.
The base price package includes the drum with jingles and a custum padded case with shoulder strap for $149.95
Basic Lapjon -------
Basic Lapjon & Case -----
$ 375.00
Lapjon Case --
Internal Spring,Jingles and tacked guiro
External Snare, lavalier mike portal
Ratchet Wheel
Joe Bonadio trying out his new Rhythm Chamber @ Sonart Recording Studio