Slit Marimba Snare
Slit Marimba Snare-16" diameter x 6" deep,16 notes, maple top and shell
Slit Bass Drum/ snare 16" diameter x 8" deep. Comes with bass drum riser. $425.oo
Slit Marimba-16" x 6"- maple top and shell

Slit drum Tom /Snare - 8"x6", $275.oo
Slit Marimba floor tom with sound portal
Slit marimba floor tom with snare and internal spring
There can be many tongue configurations on the floor tom so you do not necessarly need the pattern shown. The general idea is to have a lower tones than the slit marimba snare.
The Slit Marimba Snare Kit
The Slit Marimba Snare Kit
Playing the Slit marimba Snare Kit with four mallets
The Slit Marimba/Snare Series
The Slit Marimba Snare-snare off, the Slit Marimba bass-snare on, Slit Marimba Snare/ Tom-snare on. I am using authenic Navajo Rawhide Rattles