The new American Percussion wood snare drum shells are produced from a special kind of plywoo
  Pictured are two Colorwood shells 14
x 5.50
, This type of wood construction is unique because you can literally have any amount of colored plys in any order of color. For instance:  3 plys of red, 4 plys of natural, 2 plys of green, 2 plys of dark brown and 2 plys of yellow.  As long as we don't exceed 12 or 13 plys. Pretty cool!  It brings a whole new meaning to the word custom colors.
The two types of woods for my shells that I use mainly are; Baltic Birch & Okoume Mahogany     (845) 688 5299

4"x 14" mahogany 7 color wood                       SOLD !!
5.5"x 14" Baltic Birch & color wood
                    SOLD !!
5.5" x 14" Baltic Birch-$395
6.5"x 14"-Baltic Birch& Color wood- Sold !!
8"x 14"- Baltic Birch with wood 7 metal jingles- $ 750
5.5"x 12"-Baltic Birch
4'x 12" Color wood
          SOLD !!
4'x 10"- Color Wood & mahogany-$275
5"x 10" Mahogany
accessory snare-$275
5'x 10" Color Wood
6'x 8"- Mahogony & color Wood- SOLD !!
4.5" x8" Skeleton Snare, Mahogany & Color Wood-$245
6"x 8" Mahogony
         SOLD !!
American Percussion Patent for multi annular ring shell construction
Each drum is hand made and one of a kind
These are just some examples of the drums that I've made in the past.
Keep checking back to see any new creations because I am working on some new designs
5.5"x 14" Baltic Birch with Wood Hoops
                     SOLD !!!!
This is a 5.5" x 14" Mahogany Multi Annular ring snare drum featuring; custom stainless steel tube lugs, custom,maple hide a hoops, dual air vents, a vintage Gretsch snare drum mute and a Dunnet triple adjusting snare strainer. Also, the drum comes with a custom Humes and Berg Enduro foam lined case for $975.00
This is a 12" x 6" Cajon Snare Drum with a Maple Shell and a Cherry batter Head
SOLD !!!!!
NEW !!! 13" x 8" Cajon Snare drum with a Maple Shell and Cherry Batter Head
5.5" x 14" multi-annular ring constructed 3/8" thick Birch shell with ebony stained maple wood hoops, black nickle chrome hardware with a second snare under the batter head
NEW !!!!
$ 750.00