& Tambourine Guiro

The Tambourines have wood jingles and slunk skin head the second has wood and metal jingles with a plastic head and the third has wood and metal jingles with a cloth head.They all have American Percussion shells made from Okoume Plywood.

The American Percussion Tamborine Guiro takes the classic Tamborine to a new level.  It has tiny ridges etched onto one side to let the player achieve a guiro effect with the included metal scraper.  The jingles are a combination of wood and metal.  Tongue oil finished, the Tamborine Guiro is available in colored diamond wood or clear wood, in 8
, 10
and 12

Reversible tambourine. You can switch the legs out to have the wood side facing upward or with the calf skin facing upward. Similar to the
Pow Wow
many people can gather around and play.
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Each tambourine is hand made and one of a kind'
Even though some of these have sold I can make another similar
Colorwood- rawhide jingles- tambourine. SOLD !!
Green & brown colorwood  with wood & metal jingles
12" Baltic Birch with wood & metal jingles
10" colorwood with wood & metal jingles
Sold !!!
16" mahogany Bellbourine
              SOLD !!
12"x 4.5" mahogany with all wood jingles
           SOLD !!
8" mahogany wood and metal jingles, linnen head
              SOLD !!
10" mahogany with all wood jingles
$ 165
12" mahogany & colorwood Bellbourine
10" mahogany with wood & metal jingles