The Klam        (845) 688 5299

The Klam is a circular wood disc about 1" in thickness (but can be made thicker if necessary) with a  large opening at one end and etchings for a guiro around part of its circumference. It is made to go onto most cymbal stands. The Klam can be made in many different diameters and woods as well. Please watch the video to get an idea in playing this unique percussion instrument.
Each drum is hand made and one of a kind and most of the time I will do a custom size for someone.
Rubber tips $7.50 pr
Bamboo Brushes $ 21.95
Felt mallets $21.95
Sticks or Mallets that can be used on the Klam ( super ball mallets work great as well )
12" Klam
16" Klam

Super Ball Mallets-$15.95 per pair