The Weather Station

The Weatherstation is among the most recent of Ken Lovelett's assemblage sound sculptures. The work consists of two pieces that are themselves satisfying individual sound sculptures, The Perpetual Rainwheel (on the left) and the Sizzleboard and Vertical Marimba combo (to the right). Both share common visual and sonic properties. Lovelett decoratively painted all the elements in a style related to geometric abstraction. Some observers see Lovelett's painting style as reminiscent of certain traits in Australian aboriginal art, although, on the artist's part, this is coincidental rather than consciously derivative.

The Weatherstation was constructed to be played primarily by a musician standing rather than seated, although the latter may be possible. Like the name indicates, sonically the piece produces sounds evocative of weather (e.g. rain and thunder).       (845) 688 5299

The Lightning is produced by a camera strob mounted on the backside of the large wood resonater at the top.
This video features the Weather Station again but with more instruments from the station and a few friends. This video  features Pete Levin on synthe, Anais on vocal, Tim Mungenast on guitar and myself playing : the verticle marimba, sizzle board, thunder drum and perpetual rain wheel.