Thumb Drums
(Mahogany or Hickory) thumb Drums. Includes case & a felt OR a rubber mallet
Drawstring case; a felt mallet or rubber mallet

Ceramic 6"- Thumb Drum (The Red Dripper) Comes case and bamboo brush. $109.95
Each Drum is Hand made and one of a kind
Light Blue and Purple
Green and Ligth Blue
Black & white dots
Hickory & Birch

Light Blue and Purple dots
Pink and Lavinder dots
Black Walnut-Mahogany
This package includes; a 6" thumb Drum, drawstring case, stand and a rubber or felt mallet
Yellow & green dots
Hickory & Birch
Bamboo Brush - 845-688-5299
Hand Painted - 6" clay Thumb Drum - Gold 8- Comes with calf head,case & Bamboo Brush $109.95
Hand Painted - 6"- clay Thumb Drum- Blue-8
Comes with mylar head, case and felt mallet $109.95
Eight inch Thumb Drum with case, stand, mallet and jingle. Maple shell & hickory heads $119.95

This Package has  8" Thumb Drums with drawstring case, mallet and stand
Light & Dark Blue Dots

Eighth inch Thumb Drum with case, stand & Mahogany heads.               $114.95
Eight inch Thumb Drum with case, felt Mallet, stand & Hickory Heads.            $114.95
Six Inch Ceramic Thumb Drums with case, mallet or brush
Eight inch Thumb Drum with  case, stand and mallet. Mahogany shell with mahogany heads. $114.95
Eigth inch Thumb Drum with case,stand and mallet. Maple shell and cherry heads. $114.95
Eight inch Thumb Drum with case, stand and mallet. Maple shell and hickory heads.$114.95
Ceramic 6"- Thumb drum(  Red Devil) Has a clear mylar head. Comes with case and felt ball mallet. $109.95
Ceramic 6" Thumb Drum ( The Green Dripper ) Has calf head. Comes with case & beater. $109.95