The travolette is a new type of hand drum with an unusual playing technique. The drums come in 6
and 8
diameters but can be made in a custom size. There are grooves around the edge that is a guiro  and can be played with the felt mallet that's included.The
are usually
- 1.5
deep with maple
, birch
or mahogany shells. The package includes;  a travolette, a felt mallet, a
nd a
drawstring ca
.        (845) 688 5299
4",6",8" and 10" Travolettes, birds eye maple heads and colorwood shells.
$395- includes four felt mallets, four drawstring cases and four stands
6" travolette-$74.95
8" travolette-$84.95

" The wood used for the shells and heads may vary from the photos "

Each travolette is hand made and one of a kind that I invented and named. I use many different types of wood: Mahogany,Hickory, Birch,Oak and Cherry just to name a few. I do not always stock the aforememtioned all the time so at time of purchase I will let you know what we have in stock.
The package includes; the travolette, a felt mallet and drawstring case. " NO CD "
The Pro Series Travolette package is a travolette with the American Percussion shell Mahogany,Hickory, Oak, Cherry or Birch heads, custom case and stand.
4.5" mini Travolette & felt mallet, stand and drawstring case $84.95
10" bass-lap travolette, case and felt mallet
Brian Bales made a cool video of my travolette and Hat box drums, although there is a lot more that I do, in their construction, at least you can get some idea of a similar process in the making of the two unique percussion instruments. 
The Pro Series Travolettes
    6"- $109.95 & 8"- $114.95