The Tym-Pans are tympany like drums with foot bellows that pump air into each drum creating a change in pitch and or a glissando effect. They are light weight and are about three inches thick. They can also come in different diameters. The ones in the video are 18
and 20
with calf skin heads.

kenito49@gmail.com     (845) 688 5299
Each drum is hand made. The wood for the shells is maple, birch or mahogany. Instead of using tacked heads you can order the drums with standard lugs as well. The foot bellows will vary according to availability.
Birch 20" & 18" Tymp-pans
Super Ball Mallets
$15.95 per pair
Bamboo Brushes
Felt Mallets plain-$21.95
Felt Mallets & Lambs Wool