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In Performance

Sunday, February 01, 2004


A project in the making at Sonart Recording Studio in Mount Tremper.  New York keyboardist/composer Pete Levin is producing a percussion album featuring American Percussion's Ken Lovelett, drummer Danny Gottlieb, percussionist (and CEO of KAT Electronic Percussion) Mario Deciutiis, and percussionist Beth Gottlieb.  Tracks will utilize many American Percussion instruments as well as conventional instruments.  Several guests will be taking solos over the percussion basics ... TBA


Basic Track Sessions  July 17-18, 2000

Beth Gottlieb

Ken Lovelett

Danny Gottlieb

Pete Levin with a small Dumbek

Cynthia Daniels

Mario Deciutiis

Mark Egan

Lapdrum trio

Mike Demicco

Ken bowing vibes

Gani Tamir

Boomwhacker quartet